Mohammad's Q3 2023 Update

Oct 27, 2023

During Q3 2023, I’ve been making progress in the following areas:


Psql is a C++ PostgreSQL client based on Boost.Asio and libpq. I initiated this project with the aim of creating an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain client-side library. In this quarter, I achieved the following milestones:

  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of the libpq interface and its utilization in asynchronous mode.
  • Explored various possibilities for the connection and connection_pool interfaces.
  • Implemented support for pipelined queries.
  • Created user-friendly C++ wrappers for libpq result types, simplifying the conversion between different types.
  • Introduced an interface for receiving PostgreSQL notifications.
  • Enhanced support for working with user-defined types and automatic retrieval of their Oid upon query.


I have recently become more involved in the maintenance of Boost.Beast. Since Klemens is currently occupied with Boost.Cobalt and [not yet Boost].Request, I have contributed minor PRs such as fixing the issue of using asio::deferred as a completion token. Additionally, my primary focus has been addressing user issues.

Search Functionality for the New Website

I made some adjustments to the boost-gecko project to better align with the new website’s style and adapt to dark/light mode switching.

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