Louis Tatta

Louis Tatta

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Tatta is a highly effective business operations executive with 20 years of experience. Offering an array of skills in strategic vision implementation, business/financial acumen, talent acquisition and empowerment, leadership, performance analysis, marketing, campaign management, advertising, problem solving and software management. Louis has a proven ability to multi-task in high stress, dynamic environments while driving growth and providing excellent customer service.

Louis is a problem solver and known for his unique strategies and abstract ideas. He is someone who thinks outside of the box. Louis has a dynamic skill set that allows him to identify the root cause of problems. Thus, giving him the insight needed to figure out how to fix any issues.

One thing that is telling about Louis is that he is an exceptional poker player because of his ability to spot random patterns and read others body language.

Q&A With Louis Tatta Himself:

  • Q: What are you complimented on most in your work?

    A: Savvy Problem Solver

  • Q: Name three words that you describe you.

    Honest, committed, and methodical

  • Q: How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

    My co-workers would describe me as a team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to get any task completed on time

  • Q: What are some causes you care about?

    Ensuring Environmental Sustainability, Protecting Animals, Improving Access to Science, Technology, and Education.

  • Q: What would be your personal motto? Or favorite quote & why?

    Throw Me To The Wolves And I Will Return Leading The Pack, I value leadership.

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