C++ Slack

This is a multi-channel Slack workspace environment which gathers users of C++ from around the world into the same place so we can all learn from each other. It is like IRC but with modern clients that support multimedia, notifications, and smart devices.

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Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Friendly, professional cooperation

    "First, do no harm."

    Unlawful statements (including but not limited to credible threats, doxxing, cyber-bullying, stalking, or harassment) are prohibited in all channels.

  2. Safe for work

    Please treat all public channels as Safe For Work (SFW). Don't say anything you wouldn't want a co-worker to see if they pass by your desk.

  3. On-topic discussion

    In every public channel but especially the #learn channel which is the most heavily joined, please refrain from off-topic discussion. In public channels, avoid these topics altogether: politics, religion, race, gender, sex.

  4. No excessive self-promotion

    A link to your project or news item is of course welcome in the #plug_worthy channel. However keep in mind that this community is not intended to be an advertising platform.

  5. Job offers

    Job offers are welcomed in the #job-offers channel, but please include the location, the company, a link to details and keep it in the relevant room.