Wg21 San Diego Trip Report

Nov 13, 2018

WG21 San Diego Meeting

Last week was the fall 2018 WG21 standard committee meeting. It was held in San Diego, which is my hometown. The fact that I helped organize it (while I was working at Qualcomm) had absolutely no affect on the location, I assure you. ;-)

This was the largest WG21 meeting ever, with 180 attendees. The last meeting (in Rapperswil, Switzerland) had about 150 attendees, and that was the largest one until now. There were more than 270 papers in the pre-meeting mailing; meaning that people were spending weeks reading papers to prepare for the meeting. Herb Sutter (the convener) has been telling everyone that new papers received after the San Diego meeting were out of scope for C++20, and apparently people took him at his word.

This was my first meeting representing the C++ Alliance (though hardly my first overall). The Alliance was well represented, with Rene, Glen, Vinnie, Jon and myself attending. For information about how WG21 is structured, please see isocpp.org.

I spent all of my time in LWG, since that’s the group that I chair, and the one that has the most influence over libc++, the library that I work on.

The big news from a library POV was that we voted to merge an updated paper based on the Ranges TS into the draft standard; which means that (barring catastrophe) that it will be part of C++20. This was a huge paper, weighing in at 220+ pages. We spent several days in LWG reviewing this (and a bunch of time at previous meetings as well).

We also moved a bunch (around 25) of smaller papers; too many to list here.

Detailed trip reports can be found around the web:

The next WG21 meeting is in Kona, HI February 18-23rd.

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