Words Matter: An Apology

Sep 22, 2023

To: All

I am writing to you today to convey challenges I have faced regarding my interactions within our community, including Boost spaces, Standard C++ Committee meetings, and The C++ Language Slack Workspace. This year, I was diagnosed as neurodiverse by clinical experts. While this offers insights into the unique ways in which I process information and interact with others, it does not excuse the impact my comments may have had on those around me. My blunt, insensitive, and strongly expressed opinions have led to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

These events have cast a shadow upon my reputation, causing headwinds in achieving bigger goals; an association with Vinnie Falco is sometimes perceived negatively. I can’t change the past, but I can do things differently going forward. To achieve this I am holding myself accountable for what has transpired, and investing time and energy in my personal development to bring the best possible version of myself to public spaces.

I can’t do this alone; therefore I am asking those who harbor sharp feelings, if you can find it within you to forgive me. My door is always open for one on one discussions for anyone who has questions or comments about this or any other topic.


Vinnie Falco

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