Peter Turcan Q3 2023 Status

Oct 27, 2023
  • Wrote a Version Control topic, including sections on the super-project, breaking changes, and filing issues, for the Contributor Guide
  • Wrote a Continuous Integration (CI) topic, with sections on the range of tools available, and including best practices and links to good examples
  • Converted the legacy About Boost doc to a new topic on Boost History, adding sections on libraries and timelines
  • Changed all references to to B2, providing a consistent URL to link to for B2
  • Improved navigation to the Boost license from the User Guide
  • Converted legacy HTML documents for the Contributor Guide to markdown, using Pandoc then manual clean up
  • Corrected ease-of-use and accuracy issues with Getting Started with Linux
  • Corrected library naming issues (Windows vs Linux)
  • Updated the legacy Headers and Separate Compilation topics
  • Updated and clarified the section on creating New Issues
  • Removed unnecessary escape characters from several topics in the Contributor Guide
  • Wrote a topic on library Release Notes, adding best practices and links to good examples
  • Reworked the Templates documentation, compressing into one file and updating
  • Wrote a simpler introduction to Testing
  • Updated the Testing Policy topic, breaking the Testing sections into more manageable chunks
  • Reviewed the documentation for the proposed Boost.async library

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