Peter Turcan Q1 2024 Status

Apr 19, 2024
  • Added a Contributors FAQ to the Contributor Guide, then updated it with a series of questions and answers on Security - based on what I thought many new developers might ask about Security. Added a Licensing section covering questions on the BSL, migrating and updating a legacy topic. This FAQ currently has 35 questions and answers.

  • Reviewed and provided detailed feedback on the documentation for the candidate Boost Parsing library.

  • Migrated an In-memoriam topic for Beman Dawes.

  • In the User Guide section added a Boost Discussion Policy page, migrating and updating a legacy topic.

  • Added a Modular Boost section to both the User Guide FAQ and Contributor Guide FAQ, with questions and answers particular to the audience. The User Guide FAQ currently has 57 questions and answers.

  • Wrote a Test Matrix topic, migrating and updating a legacy topic.

  • Based on feedback - always welcome - updated the User Guide and Contributor Guide with more appropriate links and improved information.

  • In the Formal Reviews section added Managing a Review and Writing a Review topics, migrating and updating legacy topics. Currently working on more updates to the Formal Reviews section.

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