Peter Turcan Q2 2024 Status

Jul 7, 2024
  • Post-Release Engagement section added to the Contributors FAQ, providing seven questions and answers that new library developers have on their likely workload following the release. Includes examples of feedback from past libraries, and the unwelcome surprises and praise that followed.

  • Other Languages (Python, C#, Java) section added to the Users FAQ, providing five questions and answers - including code snippets - on interfacing non-C++ language apps with the Boost libraries. The code snippets include how to handle return values, and errors.

  • Borland Portability section updated, for the few developers out there still using Borland C++!

  • The Contributor Guide Table of Contents revamped so it’s more logically structured.

  • The Formal Reviews guide, including the current and past review schedules, extensively edited and modernized.

  • A Development section added to the User Guide, with good programming advice on Implementation Variations, Counted Body, Generic Programming, and Exception Safety topics migrated and updated from earlier documents.

  • Our Logo Policy Media Guide added to the Documentation section of the Contributor Guide.

  • A Local Regression Tests topic added to the Contributor Guide.

  • Good advice on attending the ISO Meetings on C++ added to the Users FAQ.

  • Managing Reviews and Writing Reviews sections updated and added to the Formal Reviews guide.

  • The Boost Discussion Policy revamped and added to the Community section of the User Guide.

  • The Boost Software License FAQ updated and moved to the User Guide FAQ.

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