Peter Turcan Q4 2023 Status

Jan 11, 2024
  • Wrote a section on the Super-project, based on some legacy Wiki pages that needed considerable updating, and the boostdep tool steps as this covered installing the necessary components. Covered four main topics: the Super-project layout, Getting Started, Library Maintenance and Library Workflow.

  • Wrote a Best-Practices section on Beneficial Dependencies - the dependencies used by the most libraries of Boost. These include Boost.Config, Boost.Core, Boost.Assert, Boost.StaticAssert, Boost.ThrowException, and for metaprogramming Boost.MP11.

  • Added a section to the Boost History topic covering the BoostCon/C++ Now conference. The location of the conference in Aspen, Colorado comes with some colorful twists: “Mild-mannered black bears live in the area. Please close doors behind you in the evenings.”

  • Updated the Documentation and Requirements sections with some good information for organization requirements, library metadata and documentation guidelines.

  • Added a Site-docs Style Guide, based on an existing style guide that was outside of the documentation, covering some basic color, wording, URL and image guidelines.

  • Improved some navigation linking issues.

  • Improved some headline text, bringing the headlines into line with our standards.

  • Provided some detailed blog post feedback.

  • Working on a number of topics that have yet to be completed, including the B2 and CMake build systems, the developers FAQ, the Boost Test Matrix, Advanced Builds, and others.

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